Bulk Barcode
& ASIN Lookup

Convert your barcodes and ASINs list to product data.

Download a sample file with results.

How it works

Step 1

Upload csv or xls file with a column header Barcodes that contains a list of barcodes and ASINs

Step 2

Sellerty will collect data about your products from multiple sources and put it together in a file.


Where do you get your barcode data from?

Product data comes directly from our network of retailers and content providers.

Can I upload my SKUs together with Barcodes?

Yes, we support import barcodes and SKUs. Simply upload a file that has the first column with a header 'Barcode' and the second column with a header `SKU`.

How do I add my barcode and product information to Sellerty database?

You can add your products to our database or request updaing data that we have by contacting us at support@sellerty.com

How much does it cost?

It costs 2c per barcode, with a minimum payment of $1. The patment will appear on your statement as SELLERTOOL.

How fast after the upload I should expect to receive results?

It usually takes less than 1 hour to get an email with a file.

What data do you provide?

For most products we are able to provide a minimum of: title, description, brand, main image, category, manufacturer, size and weight, attributes such as color and size, mpn.

What is your refund policy?

It happens that we are not able to provide you with data about all barcodes that you provided.If your final file contains less barcodes that initially uploaded, please contact us and we will issue refund for barcodes that we were not able to find. Keep in mind that we do not provide refunds if product data is not complete, we provide refunds only for products that did not retuen any data.

What product data do you return?

Please see our sample file to see what information we return. However, keep in mind that not all products have all the data provided. It happens that some information are not available.

How to make sure my barcodes are uploaded correctly?

Make sure you properly format your barcodes. Excel likes to convert long numvers to scientific notation or remove zeros from the beginning of your barcodes. To avoid it, you can put ' in front of your numbers to convert them to a string.